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SciMax 20 Tubing and Flow Equipment Components

In the semiconductor industry, precision, purity, and reliability are paramount. Choosing the right tubing and flow components can make all the difference. SciMax 20 high purity tubes and fittings are specially designed for O2 service applications, providing a cutting-edge flow equipment solution that meets the stringent demands of semiconductor OEMs and end users.

Construction & Composition

TP 316L single melt stainless steel ensures durability, corrosion resistance, and the ability to maintain high levels of purity. The tubing adheres to industry standards, conforming to ASTM A632 for OD sizes below 0.500" and ASTM A269 for OD sizes equal to or greater than 0.500". SciMax 20 tubing's chemical composition strictly follows the guidelines set by Table 1 of ASTM A269.

To enhance its integrity, SciMax 20 tubing undergoes bright annealing in a dry H2 atmosphere at the producing mill. This process preserves the material's characteristics and contributes to its exceptional performance.

Precision & Dimensions

SciMax 20 is available in a range of dimensions to accommodate various applications. Tubing and fitting sizes range from ¼" x .035" to 6" x 0.109" while adhering to the specifications of ASTM A269/A270/A632. These dimensions ensure compatibility with a wide range of systems for  greater flexibility.

SciMax 20 sets new standards for surface characteristics. With an interior surface I.D. roughness of 20 Ra max for both tubing and fittings, as per ASME B46.1, it guarantees smooth flow and minimized contamination risk.The exterior O.D. surface boasts a standard mill finish with a 32 Ra rating, adding to overall efficiency and cleanliness.

Traceability & Quality Assurance

In industries where precision is paramount, traceability becomes essential. SciMax 20's tubing and fittings are mill and heat traceable extending all the way back to the original mill test report. Each piece of tubing is permanently marked with crucial information using mechanical etch tools or approved methods. This includes mill heat details and job numbers, allowing for meticulous tracking.

SciMax 20 undergoes a comprehensive cleaning and passivation process, conforming to the guidelines of ASTM G93-96 and ASTM 632.S.3. The tubing and fittings undergo passivation for a minimum of 30 minutes at ambient temperatures, ensuring their purity. After passivation, they are rinsed in deionized water baths and dried.

To maintain this purity, the final cleaning takes place under ISO Class 7 cleanroom conditions. Afterward, the tubing and fittings are purged with 0.005-micron filtered nitrogen and securely capped with LDPE caps pressed over polyamide nylon film. This ensures the components remain pristine until they're ready for use.

The commitment to quality doesn't stop at production. SciMax 20 components undergo rigorous testing and inspection processes. These include visual inspections, surface roughness measurements, and helium leak testing for welded fittings. Dimensional inspections ensure that each component adheres to the highest standards.