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Specialty Fabrication services

What is specialty fabrication?

High Purity Technology, Inc. offers a wide array of specialty fabrication services to fulfill our customers’ needs. HPT will work with you in order to establish a move forward plan for custom coils, COAX tubing, or whatever your application requirements may be.

  • Pipe to Tube Adapter
  • Flange to Tube Adapter
  • Copper to Stainless Transition
  • Ball Valve Extension
  • Non-Standardized COAX Tubing (HPT-700)
  • Custom Made Coils

All material that we fabricate receives a certification of conformance after processing. All components, parts & systems will be inspected, bagged, labeled and certified.

HPT can also perform specialty fabrication with expedited lead times to prevent downtime in your system or project.

Contact HPT today to learn more about our specialty fabrication services, coax tubing and more.

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