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SCiMax - UHP & CFOS Tubing & FittingsSciMax logo

The purest journey for critical process fluidsSCi Max UHP and CFOS, 316L SS Tubing, Fittings, and Integrated Assemblies


  • Sci Max Flow Components are designed to meet and exceed the stringent standards established by the global semiconductor industry
  • Sci Max 316L Stainless Steel chemistry ensures the cleanest repeatable welding results & enhanced ID surface purity
  • Tubing & fittings guaranteed to a 10 Ra max ID surface finish (UHP) / 20 Ra max ID surface finish (CFOS) in all surface areas, including fitting locations that are difficult to polish & measure
  • Processing of Sci Max 10 and 20 products have been streamlined & continuously updated to deliver consistent quality & reliability, tube length to tube length, fitting to fitting
  • Sci Max, Pre-fabricated UHP and CFOS laterals and manifolds improve quality of critical gas distribution systems, reduce chance of system contamination, faster system qualification, while reducing manufacturing, material handling & operating costs
  • HPT has US Nationwide support and product stock through distribution in primary semiconductor geographical locations


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Tubing cross section of weld


tubing tee
Sci Max Tubing
Sci Max tubing with valves