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Electropolishing Service (HPT-100)

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Our Electropolishing service is an electrochemical process similar to, but the reverse of, electroplating. This high purity polishing process smooths and streamlines the microscopic surface of a metal object such as 304, 316, and the 400 series stainless steel. As a result, the surface of the metal is microscopically featureless, with not even the smallest speck of a torn surface remaining.

In electropolishing, metal is removed ion by ion from the surface of the metal object being polished. Electrochemistry and the fundamental principles of electrolysis (Faraday's Law) replace traditional mechanical finishing techniques, including grinding, milling, blasting and buffing as the final finish. In basic terms, the metal object to be electropolished is immersed in an electrolyte and subjected to a direct electrical current. The object is maintained anodic, with the cathodic connection being made to a nearby metal conductor. During our electropolishing service, the polarized surface film is subjected to the combined effects of gassing (oxygen cleaning), which occurs with electrochemical metal removal, saturation of the surface with dissolved metal and the agitation and temperature of the electrolyte.

HPT-100 specification to which electropolish is completed per ASTM B912-02 or any other approved variances which applies to specific customer requirements.

hpt 100 imageWhat can be Electropolished?

HPT can work with you to evaluate your project and determine which parts and pieces you should electropolish. All material will be electropolished using industry standards, inspected by trained personnel, and packaged in our class 10,000 cleanroom on site at HPT.

Components, Parts & Systems you can Electropolish include:

  • Tube, Fittings, Pipe and Pipe Fittings
  • Tanks
  • Racks, carts, and tables
  • Pumps, flanges, etc.

All material electropolished receives a certification of conformance after processing. All components, parts & systems will be electropolished to HPT-100 specification, inspected, bagged and labeled and certified.

HPT can also perform electropolishing services with expedited lead times to prevent downtime in your system or project.

Contact HPT today to learn more about our electropolishing services.